Who Ran R&B for 2021??

Jazmine Sullivan
Chloe Bailey

2021 in contrast to 2020 wasn’t a complete waste as the world began to open back up. One thing that got us through this pandemic was without a doubt the power of music. With so much time for an artist to create during the pandemic. It’s no wonder we were blessed with so much award-worthy music. This poses the question

Who Ran R&B for 2021?

From the Grammy award winning artist  H.E.R divulging an expression of her sensuality with her chart-topping song Come Through. Whether it’s Jazmine Sullivan and Giveon conveying their vulnerability with relatable songs like Girl Like me or Heartbreak Anniversary. And we can not forget Normani showing the world her Wild Side and Chloe Bailey making us all say Have Mercy. 

Even though 2021 gave us so much new music. Only one artist can reign supreme for this year. Global RnB wants to know who would you give the crown to?

16 thoughts on “Who Ran R&B for 2021?

    1. They all did a great job this year. Music for. Every type of emotion or feeling. Being able to connect with your audience by sharing experiences is my type of music. Music is life…

  1. Jasmin Sullivan’s music speaks to my soul, but H.E.R is a vibe. She came on the scene and took me back to that feeling rnb use to give back in the day.

  2. I would say H.E.R. Took it this year! Her being able to actually SING and play the hell out of a variety of instruments is why she’s so dope to me. She definitely takes the WIN in my book for 2021! A breath of fresh air!!

  3. Global RnB Radio has been my new go-to for RnB music! Everything from old school to new school. Non stop entertainment! Love what you all are doing! Keep up the good work!

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