What better way to celebrate Black Music Appreciation Month than with The Queen, Beyonce Carter as she trends all over social media with her anticipated new single, β€œBreak My Soul.”

“Break My Soul” is a sample of “Show Me Love” by House diva Robin S. What Beyonce has done is place House Music back, as we can predict, in heavy rotation on the airwaves. However, let’s not forget about Drake’s new album, “Honestly Nevermind “as it also reminds us of the ’80s and the musical geniuses that stood behind two turntables and a mic. House music was introduced to club scenes by disc jockey Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles. It went from the nightlife of Manhattan to the hustling streets of Chicago and spread like a wildflower to Europe. The question is, why is house music important? Let me help you understand; house music combines soul, disco, and I can’t forget funk. It is a high vibrating rhythm that will keep you out of your seat. House Music BPM can range from 110 to 130. It’s designed to keep us dancing and laughing our troubles away.

In “Break My Soul”, Beyonce has added multi-talented New Orleans Native Big Freedia. You hear Big Freedia in the background reminding us: “Release the stress, Release the love, Forget the rest.” Those lyrics are enough to remind you to release it all and let it go. In the current state of the world, with the pandemic, the great resignation, the cost-of-living escalating, and the pay isn’t matching, this song is doing what Lauren Hill has stated, “Music is supposed to inspire.” We are all anticipating her complete album.

Now let’s shine a light on the recent release of “Vegas,” by Doja Cat where she samples “Hound Dog,” which was initially a song by the beautiful Big Mama Thornton. Did you think Elvis Presley wrote that? Sorry, you are wrong. Big Mama Thornton, also known as Willie Mae Thornton, was a singer-songwriter in the ’50s. Hound Dog stayed in the number 1 position on the RnB Billboard Charts for seven weeks straight. Big Mama Thornton is the mother of Rock and Roll. We need to understand Black Culture Influence on music and how we have always been the spice of musical evolution. So, considering Black Music Appreciation Month, turn your radio up louder and dance your troubles away to house music and rock and roll because it is all Rhythm and Blues.

-Aishah Haneefah

Beyonce-photo credit  Rafael Pavarotti 

Big Momma Thorton -photo credit Arhoolie Foundation

Robin S -photo credit her facebook page Robin S

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